Power Electronics

High-Side Current-Sense Amplifiers

Touchstone Semiconductor, Inc. announced the TS1101, the first bidirectional, symmetrical, high-side current-sense amplifiers (CSA). The TS1101 consumes only 1µA, a 30 times reduction over the closest competing product.

The TS1101's symmetrical architecture eliminates the "dead band" when switching from measuring battery discharge to measuring battery charge. This breakthrough significantly simplifies customer designs while, at the same time, reducing power, saving board space and improving system accuracy.

It further improves system accuracy with input offset voltage guaranteed to be 100µV, a four times improvement over the closest competing part. The TS1101 is available in four gain options from 25V/V to 200V/V, enabling users to choose the best gain option for their application.

An ideal choice for low current, high-side current-sensing amplification, the TS101 fits applications such as battery-powered and portable devices, including mobile phones, notebook computers, power management systems, motor control, load protection, current-shunt measurement and smart battery packs and chargers.

Key Specifications:

  • Ultra-Low Supply Current: 1µA
  • Wide Input Common Mode Range: +2V to +25V
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: 100µV (max)
  • Low Gain Error: <0.6%(max)
  • 6-Lead SOT23 Packaging
  • Voltage Output

Four Gain Options Available:

  • TS1101-25: Gain = 25V/V
  • TS1101-50: Gain = 50V/V
  • TS1101-100: Gain = 100V/V
  • TS1101-200: Gain = 200V/V

The TS1101 is fully specified over the extended temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. The TS1101 prices start at $0.94 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

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