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High Performance Motor Capable of Speeds to 70Krpm

BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., recently developed a BLDC motor to meet the challenging high speed requirements for a Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump application. The Turbomolecular pump is widely used in the semiconductor device manufacturing process, which requires highly compressed gases for chemical deposition and implantation. The pump design incorporates the specially designed BEI motor driven turbine rotor, which is capable of operating speeds of up to 70,000 rpm. The extremely high speeds are essential to achieve vacuum pressures down to one micropascal.

Key to the success of the project was to design a compact, reliable and efficient motor capable of reaching and maintaining the required speeds under continuous duty conditions. To meet the customer's specifications, BEI Kimco developed a Frameless Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor (Model # DIP14-14-000A) measuring 1.4" in diameter x 1.4" in axial length. The Rotor/Stator Part Set configuration allows the motor rotor to be directly coupled to the load, resulting in excellent operating efficiencies, minimal parts count and a compact form factor. A stainless steel sleeve secures the magnets in place at the extreme speeds.

With its exceptionally high speed capabilities, the new motor can be adapted to a wide variety of other applications including medical hand-pieces and pumps. Pricing is from $100.00 in production quantities with delivery in eight weeks.

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