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High-Density DrMOS Power-Stage Solutions Target POL Regulators

High-Density DrMOS Power-Stage Solutions Target POL Regulators

Targeting next-generation notebooks, ultrabooks, and desktops, Vishay Siliconix SiC53x series devices combine power MOSFETs, an advanced MOSFET gate driver IC, and a bootstrap Schottky diode in thermally enhanced 4.5- by 3.5-mm PowerPAK MLP4535-22L and 5- by 5-mm PowerPAK MLP55-31L packages. They feature a 45 % smaller footprint than discrete solutions, providing continuous current to 40 A for computing platforms using the Intel Skylake platform. The company will be showcasing the family at APEC 2016.

The SiC530 is an integrated power-stage solution optimized for synchronous buck applications to offer high current, high efficiency, and high power-density performance. Packaged in Vishay's proprietary MLP package, SiC530 enables voltage-regulator designs to deliver up to 30-A continuous current per phase.

The internal power MOSFETs utilize the company’s Gen IV TrenchFET technology that delivers industry benchmark performance to significantly reduce switching and conduction losses.

The advanced MOSFET gate-driver IC features high current-driving capability, adaptive dead-time control, an integrated bootstrap Schottky diode, and zero current detect to improve light load efficiency. The driver is also compatible with a wide range of PWM controllers, and supports tri-state PWM and 5-V PWM logic.

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