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High-Current LDOs Generate Low Voltages

Microchip Technology has announced an expansion of its high-current LDO regulator family that is stable with the use of ceramic output capacitors. The 500-mA MCP1725 and MCP1825, and the 1-A MCP1826 LDOs provide shutdown, power-good, and an adjustable power-good delay. Output voltages down to 0.8 V make the LDOs ideal for use with newer FPGAs, ASICs and logic cores.

The LDOs are available in thermally capable packages and feature a typical low dropout voltage of 210 mV to 250 mV. Additionally, the devices have a low quiescent current of 120 μA to 140 μA. Packaging options include SOIC, DFN, SOT223, DDPAK and TO220. Unit pricing ranges from $0.83 to $1.12 for 10,000 pieces.

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