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High Current Gate Driver Minimizes Switching Losses

The ZXGD3005E6 10 A gate driver from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to ensure ultra fast switching of power MOSFET and IGBT loads in power supply, solar inverter and motor drive circuits. With its emitter follower configuration delivering propagation delay times of less than 10ns and rise and fall times of less than 20ns, this non inverting gate driver will reduce switching losses, simplify circuit design and improve overall system reliability.

Having separate source and sink outputs, the ZXGD3005E6 enables independent control of the rise and fall times, allowing designers to achieve their preferred switching characteristics. The device's wide supply voltage range of 25V allows full enhancement of target MOSFET or IGBT to minimize on-state losses and permits +15V to -5V gate drive voltage to be applied to prevent false triggering of IGBTs.

Able to provide typically 4A output current from only 1mA input current, this high-gain, high-speed gate driver acts as a perfect interface between a controller IC and the load switch that does not require additional buffering stages. The need for added circuitry is further reduced by the ZXGD3005E6's rugged design, which makes it inherently resistant to issues of latch-up and shoot-through.

The gate driver is provided in a space-saving low profile SOT26 package with an optimized pin-out that simplifies PCB layout and helps reduce the parasitic inductance of traces. The ZXGD3005E6 is priced at $0.22 each in 1k quantities.

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