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Hall-Effect Switch Is Battery Friendly

AllegroMicrosystems’ A1171 ultra-sensitive, Hall-effect switch features operation at low supply currents and voltages, making it well suited for battery-operated electronics. The switch offers latched digital outputs and either unipolar or omnipolar actuation. Other features include a low minimum VCC, a small package, and push-pull complementary outputs.

The 1.65-V to 3.5-V supply voltage range and unique clocking algorithm assist in reducing the average operating power consumption. Power requirements are less than 15 µW with a 2.75-V supply.

Unlike some traditional Hall- effect switches, Allegro’s A1171 allows the user to configure how the device is magnetically actuated. Under default conditions the device will activate output switching with either a north or south polarity magnetic field of sufficient strength. Offered in a 2-mm x 1.5-mm x 0.4-mm DFN package, the A1171 is priced at $0.38 each in quantities of 1,000.

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