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H-Bridge PWM Drivers Feature DC Inputs

ROHM’s BD6221 H-bridge driver LSI series for brush-commutated motors features low power consumption for high-efficiency motor driving. The series incorporates a VREF variable system for driving brush-commutated motors with low power consumption without changing the input-voltage level.

This simplifies replacement while providing optimum motor drive operation with minimal design changes. ROHM’s entire series of H-bridge drivers support a wide range of supply voltages (3 V to 36 V) and output currents (up to 2 A) and achieves lower circuit current under no load conditions. In addition, a power-saving circuit is integrated to suppress standby current.

The series allows direct PWM control, and the optimized circuit ensures high-speed response and enables PWM duty control. It integrates a shoot-through prevention circuit and supports TTL input.

Samples are available now. Pricing for the BD6221F is $0.50 each in quantities of 2500 pieces.

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