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Green Synchronous Rectifier Controller For 5-V Power Supplies

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced a new power management controller and driver for standard and logic-level N-channel MOSFETs used for low-voltage, secondary-side synchronous rectification. The UCC24610 Green Rectifier™ controller improves power supply efficiency as much as five percent, and reduces primary-side power loss in 5-volt AC/DC adapters and bias supplies.

The 600-kHz UCC24610 Green Rectifier provides power-saving features and design flexibility not available from traditional diode rectifier solutions. Its micro-sleep current, automatic light-load management and synchronous wake-up features help maximize efficiency. The UCC24610 uses drain-to-source voltage sensing to support flyback and LLC resonant converters, as well as other power architectures, to give designers greater flexibility.


  • Small size and minimal external component count.
  • High performance and efficiency: micro-power sleep current, automatic light-load management and synchronous wake-up from light-load conditions.
  • System protection: device will shut down MOSFET if short or excessive "on time" occurs.
  • Design flexibility: Can be biased directly for a 5-V output without external regulator.

The UCC24610 is available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors in an 8-pin, 5-mm x 6-mm SOIC package. Suggested resale pricing is $0.75 in 1,000-unit quantities. Easy-to-use evaluation modules include the 5-V, 10-W UCC24610EVM-693 daughter card and the UCC24610EVM- 563 5-V, 25-W off-line DCM flyback converter.

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