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Gate Driver and Regulator Ease Digital Power Control

IXYS Corporation’s IXI858 and IXI859 Gate Driver/Regulator ICs are designed to provide the needed analog functions required by microcontrollers to implement offline digital power supply control, such as in power factor correction (PFC). The IXI858/859 combine a gate driver, low voltage linear regulator and a charge pump function for drive voltage generation as needed in these applications. These features make the IXI858/859 invaluable for implementing microcontroller-based PFC systems.

The IXI858/859 can be combined with a depletion-mode power MOSFET such as the IXTY02N50D to create a constant-current source that provides offline standby power at low cost with low high-line power consumption. The IXI858 is designed to support 5-V digital systems with an on board 5.0-V linear regulator, while the IXI859 features a 3.3-V linear regulator for lower voltage systems. In addition, both versions feature logic-level input signal compatibility, 60-mA source and 120-mA sink gate drive output and a charge pump section meant to generate a 13-V gate-drive voltage.

The growing trend of digital power management, with the use of standard microcontroller in motor control, power supply, and PFC circuits require the interface, voltage gain and drive of the IXI858/859 for digital power management. The IXI858 and ‘859 were optimized for cost efficiency to support high-volume applications such as dimmable ballast, non-dimmable ballast and high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. The IXI858/859 are offered in a small 8-lead SOIC package with rated operation of -25°C to +125°C. Contact IXYS for pricing.

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