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Flashlight LED Driver Uses Chip-Scale Package

Texas Instruments' TPS61050 IC is based on a high-frequency synchronous-boost topology with constant current sink to drive single, high-brightness white light emitting diodes (LEDs). The 2-mm x 1.5-mm x 0.625-mm wafer-chip-scale package reduces total solution size to less than 25 mm2. The device uses an inductive fixed-frequency PWM control scheme and small external components to achieve up to 96% efficiency and minimize input ripple current for general lighting applications.

The IC operates as a regulated current source, as well as a standard voltage-boost regulator. The device’s LED current or the desired output voltage can be programmed via an I2C interface. The TPS61050 also integrates four preset operation modes. To simplify flash synchronization with the camera module, the device offers a trigger pin for fast LED turn-on time. Also available in a 10-pin QFN package, pricing for the IC is $1.40 for 1000 pieces.

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