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First 45-nm Chips Promise Lower Leakage Power

Intel Corporation has produced what it believes are the first fully functional SRAM chips using 45-nm process technology, enabling the development of chips with more than five times less leakage power than those made today. This advancement will improve battery life for mobile devices and increase opportunities for building smaller, more powerful platforms. With this development, Intel believes it has become the first company to reach an important milestone in the development of 45-nm logic technology, which represents the company’s next–generation, high–volume semiconductor manufacturing process. Achieving this milestone means Intel is on track to manufacture chips with this technology in 2007 using 300 mm wafers.

"Intel has a long history of translating technology leaps into tangible benefits that people appreciate. Our 45-nm technology will provide the foundation for delivering PCs with improved performance–per–watt that will enhance the user experience." said Bill Holt, vice president, general manger, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group.

The 45-nm SRAM chip has more than 1 billion transistors. Though not intended as an Intel product, the SRAM demonstrates technology performance, process yield and chip reliability prior to ramping processors and other logic chips using the 45-nm manufacturing process. It is a key first step in the march toward high–volume manufacturing.

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