Power Electronics

Firms Fabricate Power Management Devices on BCD Process

Jazz Semiconductor and Sipex, a fabless semiconductor company, have collaborated to develop a number of power management devices utilizing Jazz Semiconductor's 0.5-μm and 0.25-μm Bipolar CMOS DMOS (BCD) processes. BCD processes provide features that enable higher levels of integration, smaller size, and better efficiency than general foundry offerings.

Jazz Semiconductor's BCD processes incorporate bipolar (for analog control), CMOS (for digital control) and DMOS (for handling the high currents required for managing on-chip or system power) into a single foundry process flow. The combined process is ideally suited to address the power requirements of both consumer and handheld electronics.

Sipex is using the Jazz BCD05 process for the continued development of their family of WLED backlighting solutions for notebook and monitor displays. The combination of high voltage and small geometries allow the integration of digital interfaces and the capability of driving large numbers of LEDs in series.

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