Power Electronics

Extreme Temperature Binary Counter

CISSOID is launching CHT-74-4040, a new member of its GALAXY digital product family. CHT-74-4040 is a 12-stage asynchronous binary counter, that can be used for instance as a frequency divider with a division rate up to 4096. Like other CHT products from CISSOID, it is guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. It can also operate with a supply voltage in the range 3.3 to 5V (±10%).

CHT-74-4040 is available in ceramic CSOIC16 and CDIL16 hermetic packages, functionally and pin-to-pin compatible with the industry standards 74xx4040, / CD4040. It is the obvious choice for new designs as well as for replacements of the 4040 function as compared to traditional solutions, CISSOID' CHT-74-4040 increases the lifetime by two decades for applications above 125°C.

CHT-74-4040 can be used in a variety of applications such as clock generation and clock modules for high-reliability and mission critical systems including down-hole tools, aerospace and defense.

Part Number: CHT-74-4040

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