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DeltaCap X Black Premium series rugged EPCOS MKD capacitor

EPCOS MKD Capacitors Tackle Power Factor Correction

TDK’s DeltaCap X Black Premium series achieves PFC performance of 20 to 44 kVAR per capacitor.

TDK Corporation recently introduced DeltaCap X Black Premiuma new series of EPCOS MKD capacitors for power factor correction (PFC). Capacitors in the series have rated voltages between 440 and 850 V ac. With an internal delta connection, the capacitors are designed for PFC and filtering of harmonics at the low-voltage level, claims the company. With capacitance values of 3 x 51 to 3 x 165 µF, PFC performance ranges from 20 to 44 kVAR (50/60 Hz) per capacitor.

According to TDK, the special black coating improves the dissipation of heat, thereby achieving a long service life of up to 300,000 hours in accordance with temperature class -40/D. Owing to the rugged construction, the capacitors of the B32305A series can withstand a maximum inrush current of 500 x IR and temperatures of up to +65°C, and can perform up to 62,000 operating cycles per year.

The DeltaCap X Black Premium typeslike all EPCOS capacitors for PFCare self-healing and equipped with an overpressure disconnector that isolates all three phases from the grid in the event of damage. The impregnation, based on biodegradable soft resin, has an additional positive effect on the heat dissipation.

The capacitors are suitable for use with or without reactors in both conventional and dynamic PFC systems, and in tuned resonant circuits in industrial power grids and harmonic filters.

Main Applications

  • PFC in industrial networks
  • Filtering of harmonics in tuned resonant circuits

Main Features and Benefits

  • Long service life of up to 300,000 hours
  • Permissible inrush current of up to 500 x IR
  • Overpressure disconnector for all three phases
  • Improved heat dissipation due to special black coating
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