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Energy Measurement ICs Offer Lowest Cost Solution for Smart Grid Applications

Featuring the highest energy measurement accuracy in the industry, Cirrus Logic Inc.'s CS5484/80/90 family of analog front end (AFE) ICs gives designers of single and polyphase utility meters and smart energy products a combination of proven energy calculations, flexibility, performance and cost.

Cirrus Logic's approach to metrology solutions focuses on application specific analog to digital converters that include Cirrus Logic's EXL CoreT technology, a highly innovative digital architecture that is central to the IC family's high performance energy calculations and metrology features. This dedicated AFE offers designers an industry standard metrology solution that works in all applications, while allowing them the flexibility to choose the right MCU to fit the specific design requirements.

Applications that incorporate features such as wireless and/or powerline communication, LCD displays, RTC or calendaring functionality, and digital IO stand to benefit by utilizing an AFE and MCU combination. Comparative system-on-a-chip solutions that offer multiple features on a single chip typically offer reduced performance, fixed functionality and higher cost. Performing these functions within a dedicated MCU allows designers more flexibility to choose the right MCU, in the right process and at the right price point for their given applications.

With measurement accuracy of 0.1 percent over 4,000 dynamic range for both active and reactive energy, the CS548X/9X family offers performance that is significantly better than the nearest competitor. A pre-programmed power calculation engine eliminates any need for manual programming and also mitigates security concerns. Two-second calibration times are up to 10X faster than many competing SOCs, translating to accelerated production line cycles and lower overall cost. The CS548X/9X offers system designers best-in-class performance at the lowest price point, while also providing the flexibility needed to meet rapidly changing market conditions.

The CS548X/9X is currently in volume production and is priced at $0.75 in 100,000 quantities. The ICs are available in the following package types: CS5484, 28-pin QFN; CS5480, 24-pin QFN; CS5490, 16-pin SOIC.

Cirrus Logic Inc.
Part Number: CS5484/80/90

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