Power Electronics

Dual Load Switch Includes Slew-Rate Control

Advanced Analogic Technologies' AAT4282A integrates two low-resistance, slew-rate-controlled load switches. Part of AnalogicTech’s application-specific power MOSFET family, the AAT4282A features two MOSFETs, each with a typical RDS(ON) of 60 mΩ at 5 V. Designed for high-side load-switching applications, the device operates from a 1.5-V to 6.5-V input range, and quiescent current is 1 μA.

Input logic levels are both TTL and 2.5-V to 5-V CMOS compatible. The device is available in three versions having different turn-on and turn-off characteristics: the AAT4282A-1, the AAT4282A-2 and the AAT4282A-3. The AAT4282A is available in a 2-mm x 2-mm FTDFN22-8 package. It sells for $1.07 in 1000-unit quantities.

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