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Dual LDOs Suit Battery-Powered Applications

Semtech’s SC560 family of small, dual-output low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) are suited for Li-ion battery-powered designs, such as mobile phones. The devices feature a dropout of 200 mV maximum at a current of 200 mA per output. The SC560 devices are optimized for battery-powered applications, with a 100-µA quiescent current (both outputs enabled), and a 0.1-µA shutdown current. The input voltage range for all devices is 2.5 V to 5.5 V.

There are eight devices in the SC560 family, each distinguished by their output voltages and pin options. Three devices, the SC560A, B and C, have adjustable output voltages on both LDOs, ranging from 1.2 V to 3.3 V. The five other parts (SC560D, E, F, G, H) offer combinations of fixed voltage outputs for specific applications, ranging from 1.5 V to 3.3 V. The SC560 products measure 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.6 mm (MLPQ-UT-8) and are priced at $0.40 each in 1000-piece lots.

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