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Power Electronics

Directional Power Detector Family


M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. introduced a new line of Small Package Directional Detectors for power monitoring in Point-to-point radios, Aerospace and Defense systems, Radar, IMS, VSAT, and Electronic Warfare applications.

The Small Package Detectors are housed in a miniature, surface mount 1.5 x 1.2 mm lead-less plastic package. They require a small bias current of less than 0.5 mA for proper performance. The package, though small, can be handled and placed with standard pick and place assembly equipment. The detectors are fabricated on a well established GaAs process featuring full passivation for performance and reliability.

"With integrated low loss directional couplers and built-in temperature compensation circuits, these detectors provide an easy way to monitor the power of a signal travelling in a specific direction along a transmission line" said Tom Galluccio, Product Manager.

Production quantities and samples of M/A-COM Tech's Small Package Detectors are available from stock.

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