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Digital Power Technology Highlighted in Study

Zilker Labs’ Digital-DC digital power management and conversion technology is highlighted in a technical paper developed by Ericsson Power Modules, a division of Ericsson group. The paper compares the overall performance of a digital power implementation based on Zilker Labs' ZL2005 with a traditional analog power solution. Specifically, the study characterizes efficiency, parts count, power density, cost and reliability of the two methods and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the ZL2005 digital implementation.

Ericsson's paper, entitled "Performance Improvements for OEM System Designers - A Digital Control Case Study" was first presented at the Digital Power Forum in September. The paper can be accessed via http://www.zilkerlabs.com/4/Products.html.

The ZL2005 combines a digital power conversion architecture with comprehensive power management logic in a single IC and is configurable with no user programming required. Zilker Labs also offers the ZL2105 integrated dc-dc converter for applications requiring less than 3 A, complementing the ZL2005, which is suited for higher-power applications.

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