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Digital Power Chip Supplier Opens Office in Hong Kong

Zilker Labs has announced the opening of Zilker Labs Asia, Ltd., in Hong Kong, an engineering and sales office that will support a growing customer base in Asia and expand the reach of the company's Digital-DC power management and conversion ICs.

Zilker Labs Asia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Austin, Texas-based Zilker Labs.

"We are pleased to provide direct, real-time support to our Asian customers," said Bob Bridge, chief executive officer of Zilker Labs. "Zilker Labs' Digital-DC product line has been very well received in Asia. By providing local technical and sales teams under the leadership of industry veteran Sandy Chan, we will quickly advance our existing customers' goals and continue to grow our customer base in this important region."

Mr. Sandy Chan will oversee Zilker Labs Asia and implement Zilker Labs' sales, marketing and customer support efforts for the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Chan brings over 20 years of semiconductor industry experience including regional leadership roles at MicroLinear, Unitrode, Memec (a global distributor), Microchip, National Semiconductor and Fairchild Semiconductor.

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