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Bicker Elektronik’s dc UPS

DC UPS Withstands Extreme Environmental Conditions

Leveraging supercap technology, Bicker Elektronik’s UPSI-IP-2 series offers continuous fanless operation in an extended temperature range of -20 to +70°C.

Bicker Elektronik, Donauwörth, introduced two new dc uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for reliable protection against power failure, flicker, and voltage fluctuations. The UPSI-1208IP-23UW with 12-V dc output (8 A) and UPSI-2406IP-24UW with 24-V dc output (5.42 A) are well-suited for use in extreme environmental conditions.

The outdoor dc UPS units are dust- and water-proof in accordance with protection class IP67. The robust aluminum housing contains the complete dc UPS control and charging electronics as well as maintenance-free, long-life supercap energy storage. A well-engineered circuit design and the high quality of all components used in the closed system allows for fanless 24x7 continuous operation in an extended temperature range of -20 to +70°C, claims the company. The intelligent dc UPS with tailor-made software offers a complete system with added value for demanding customers and applications.

Application Possibilities

Typical applications for the UPSI-IP-2 series include heavy and petrochemical industries, tunneling and mining, safety and building technology, offshore/onshore energy, communications, commercial and special vehicles, industrial trucks, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, agriculture, and medical and laboratory technology. The UPS systems ensure an uninterruptible and safe dc power supply of sensitive and process-relevant control modules, embedded computers, actuators, sensors, motor drives, and so forth.

Supercap Energy Storage Technology

Unlike batteries, which store energy by the detour of a chemical reaction, ultracapacitors (supercaps) are based on the electrophysical principles of the double-layer capacitor. They're charged and ready for use within a short time, operate in a wide operating temperature range, and offer a high current-carrying capacity, power density, and reliability. Due to the high cycle stability (greater than 500,000 charge and discharge cycles), energy storage units with supercaps have a long service life and are practically maintenance-free. For the supplied application, this means an increase in long-term availability while minimizing maintenance efforts.

Wide-Range Input with Integrated EMC Filter

On the input side, both dc UPS systems have a high-efficiency dc-dc converter with a wide-range input from 7 to 36 V dc (UPSI-1208IP-23UW) or 8 to 36 V dc (UPSI-2406IP-24UW). To suppress network-sided electromagnetic interference, an additional EMC filter module is upstream of the converter.

Intelligent DC UPS Control and Charging Electronics

In normal operation, the microcoulomb-controlled system electronics of the integrated UPS module provide the nominal output voltage, charge the supercapacitors, and monitor the voltage thresholds at the input. If the voltage falls below the defined voltage threshold, the system switches to the UPS backup mode within fractions of a second and ensures the uninterruptible and regulated output voltage for 12- or 24-V dc consumers, says Bicker Elektronik. The intelligent distribution of charging currents (power sharing) ensures that the input power is kept constant and distributed accordingly to the supplied load and the supercap charger. With a lower load at the output, more energy flows into the Supercap charger and vice versa.

Load Detection

The minimum load detection monitors the supplied output load during UPS backup operation. If the load at the output falls below a certain limit, the long-life supercaps are automatically disconnected from the control unit so that the energy-storage device isn't unnecessarily emptied by the dc UPS electronics.

Reboot Function for Self-Sufficient Systems

The integrated reboot function can be used to activate the automatic restart of a supplied computer system as soon as the mains voltage returns during a shutdown or at a later time. For example, self-sufficient IPC or embedded box PC systems can be shut down in a controlled manner after a power failure and then restarted independently without any intervention of a service employee being necessary.

Software Connection, Pre-Programming, Monitoring

To set and pre-program the UPS parameters as well as for energy storage monitoring, the UPS software "UPSI HID Configuration" is available for free download here. For data communication with controllers or PC-based systems, the UPSI-IP-2 series has an integrated USB communication interface. An instruction set enables the direct readout of sensor values and setting of parameters. The open communication protocol offers system developers individual possibilities of connection to their own system.

Aluminum Housing with IP67 Protection

A robust aluminum housing with pressure compensation element protects electronics and energy storage against mechanical effects. The sealed housing elements and connections are resistant to water, ice, oil, and dust according to protection class IP67. Mounting brackets are already mounted on the housing for quick and secure installation.

Long-Term Availability, Value-Added Services

The company grants a three-year warranty on the UPSI-IP-2 series, as well as a long-term availability of at least five years. For applications with a long running time, an optimal investment protection is given. System developers benefit from personal design-in advice, service, and support from Bicker Elektronik's power-supply specialists. On request, R&D engineers realize customer-specific special solutions and offer laboratory and measurement services for complete customer systems.

Available with LiFePO4 Battery Technology

For even longer bridging times, Bicker Elektronik offers the UPSI-IP-2 system with lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology based on safe and long-lasting lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. Compared with LCO/NMC cells, the LiFePO4 cells have a much more stable chemical compound of the cathode material, offer increased safety, and a roughly ten times higher cycle stability (6000 charging and discharging cycles). The company's BP-LFP battery packs also feature an integrated high-performance battery-management system (BMS) to maximize service life.

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