Power Electronics

DC Gear Motors Deliver High Torque

Pittman brush-commutated dc gearmotors from Ametek achieve output torque up to 175 oz-in. with standard sintered steel spur gearing, and output torque up to 500 oz-in. by incorporating select gear ratios and high-strength gears. Series GM8000 gearmotors are available with a range of 11 standard reduction ratios from 6.3:1 to 1803.6:1; Series GM9000 gearmotors offer 12 ratios from 5.9:1 to 4732.5:1; and Series GM14000 gearmotors feature four ratios from 5.9:1 to 218.4:1.

Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging and windings are resin-impregnated for greater reliability in incremental motion applications. Two-pole permanent magnet stators are constructed with ceramic magnets enclosed in heavy-gauge steel return rings. Diamond-turned commutators promote maximum brush life.

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