Power Electronics

DC-DC Converters Target Portable Applications

Allegro MicroSystems’ SI-8000T (1.5 A) and SI-8000F (3.5 A) series of highly efficient switching regulators feature high operating frequencies. The series can provide increased energy savings in portable applications. The SI-8000T/F operates at 300 kHz, the SI-8000H at 150 kHz, the SI-8000J at 125 kHz, and the SI-8000S at 60 kHz.

All devices within this series provide UVLO. Autoregression OCP and OTP protection are also built-in. By connecting an open collector transistor, the user is able to set an ON/OFF control for output voltage. Moreover, many of these devices offer a soft-start option that is set by an external capacitor pin. The devices are priced from $0.66 to $1.37 in quantities of 1000.

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