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Murata’s 1-kW DRQ-11.4/88-L48 Series dc-dc converter
Murata’s 1-kW DRQ-11.4/88-L48 Series dc-dc converter.

DC-DC Converters Deliver 1 kW at 97% Efficiency

Murata’s DRQ-11.4/88-L48 fully regulated dc-dc converters target hi-rel networking and telecom equipment.

Murata’s 1-kW DRQ-11.4/88-L48 Series of quarter-brick, intermediate bus, dc-dc converter modules address the growing power requirements of high-reliability networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

The fully regulated converter series provides 11.4 VOUT at 88 A, with a VIN range of 36 to 60 V dc, operating from 48-V dc battery systems or networking equipment that operates at 54 VIN. This fully regulated, fixed-frequency, 1-kW-rated bus converter maintains an efficiency level of 97%, according to the company.


  • Designed for regulated intermediate bus architectures (RIBAs)
  • Parallel load sharing of two or more modules
  • Monotonic startup into pre-bias output conditions
  • Overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • Stable no-load operation
  • Negative logic standard configuration (positive logic optional)
  • Up to +85°C thermal performance (with derating)
  • Remote on/off enable Control
  • Fully isolated to 1500 V dc


  • Integrated baseplate design provides thermal performance and flexibility for end-use thermal management
  • Supports pre-biased startup and eliminates reverse-current issues during system start and shutdown
  • Wide 2:1 input voltage range meets the requirements for 48-V battery systems in telecommunications applications
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