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Comparators Drive 1.8V Logic Beyond 280MHz

Comparators Drive 1.8V Logic Beyond 280MHz

Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC6752 family of comparators with fast rise and fall times of 1.2ns and a toggle frequency of 280MHz, making them the fastest CMOS output comparators available today. Designed for driving logic levels from 3.3V down to 1.8V, the LTC6752 exhibits only 2.9ns of propagation delay and overdrive dispersion of only 1.8ns. Jitter is only 4.5ps for a 100mVpp, 100MHz sinusoidal input, and the outputs swing to within 200mV of the rails with up to 8mA of load current. All of this high speed performance is well suited for a broad range of timing-critical applications, where fast response times and CMOS output levels are required.

The LTC6752 consists of five options offered in different packages with unique combinations of features, such as separate input and output supplies, low power shutdown, output latch, adjustable hysteresis and complementary outputs. The latch provides the ability to quickly capture the state of the comparator. With the adjustable hysteresis feature, the default 5mV hysteresis can be increased up to 40mV for clean switching in the presence of noisy input signals, and it allows for hysteresis to be completely eliminated. The separate input and output supply allows the output logic level to be independent of the input signal range for translation from one logic level to another.  With the shutdown, power can be reduced while enabling the comparator to wake up quickly. In addition, the complementary CMOS outputs simplify logic interfaces and eliminate the need for separate logic inversion.

The inputs for the LTC6752 extend beyond both rails, particularly useful for single supply operation. All members of the LTC6752 family are capable of driving 3.3V and 2.5V logic. The LTC6752-2, LTC6752-3 and LTC6752-4 have separate input and output supplies, decoupling the input and output voltage levels and enabling them to drive 1.8V logic. 

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