Power Electronics

Company Grants License Transfer for Digital Power IP

Power-One has agreed to a license transfer from C&D Technologies to Murata; the transfer of the license had been requested by Murata as part of Murata's purchase of C&D's Power Electronics Division (PED). Under the terms of the license agreement, Murata will now succeed C&D as licensee, and will join the Z-Alliance. Murata will manufacture Power-One's product line and actively promote the sale of Z-One-compliant products.

"We are delighted to have Murata join the Z-Alliance and be a licensee for the Z-One digital power management system," said Bill Yeates, Power-One's Chief Executive Officer. "The acquisition of the PED group positions Murata as one of the leading dc-dc converter companies in the world, and their strong presence within the Asia/Pacific, Japanese, North America and Europe regions makes them a very powerful Z-Alliance partner.”

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