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Compact Inverter Modules Target Appliance Motors

Allegro MicroSystems SLA6800MP and SMA6800MP series of Inverter Power Modules (IPMs) combine the inverter-power-stage components for controlling three-phase motors into a small-footprint SIP package. Designed for use in applications such as dishwasher pumps and small compressors, each high-voltage module contains six MOSFETS or six IGBTs and two pre-drive ICs.

These modules withstand voltages of up to 500 V (MOSFET breakdown voltage) or 600 V (IGBT breakdown voltage) and operate over an input voltage range of 85 Vac to 253 Vac. Output current is specified at 1.5 A to 3 A. In addition, the modules provide built-in functions such as overcurrent or overtemperature detection input, a protection circuit for controlling the power supply voltage drop, and a fault signal output.

Pricing ranges from $4.60 to $6.20 each in quantities of 1,000. For more information, see www.allegromicro.com/en/Products

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