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CFL Prototype Illuminates in Less Than a Second

In recent independent testing a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) prototype bulb powered by PureSpectrum’s ballast technology reached full illumination in 0.7 seconds. This development addresses one of the most common consumer complaints about CFLs since consumers accustomed to incandescent bulbs have consistently criticized energy-efficient CFL bulbs for the long delay between ignition and full illumination.

PureSpectrum engineers have worked specifically to address this issue and other CFL performance concerns through ballast circuitry. Tests on the prototype were conducted at the Independent Testing Laboratories in Colorado.

The PureSpectrum prototype’s nearly instantaneous attainment of full brightness is substantially faster than any brand name bulb currently on the market, according to the company. It further states that the circuit modifications pose no threat to the longevity of the bulb. The proprietary ballast technology used to achieve these results is designed to be compatible with any existing CFL bulb. PureSpectrum is searching for licensing partners among lighting manufacturers searching for differentiation in a largely homogenous CFL market.

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