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Call for Papers: Instrumentation and Control Solutions for Today’s Power Industry

Call for Papers: Instrumentation and Control Solutions for Today’s Power Industry

The Program Committee of the 57th Annual ISA Power Industry (POWID) Symposium has issued a Call for Papers for this year’s theme, “Instrumentation and Control Solutions for Today’s Industry Challenges.” Authors, thought leaders, innovators, and other professionals are invited to submit abstractions that will be considered for presentation at the conference which will be held June 1-6th 2014 in Arizona.

The symposium, which is dedicated to automation, control systems, and instrumentation in the power generation industry, will discuss critical dilemmas facing the increased demand within the market. Presentations include maintaining reliability of power generation while managing fluctuating load demands (or cycling), securing critical data and information through advanced cyber security, and meeting increasingly stringent environmental controls regulation.

Suggest abstract topics include steam cycle augmentation, environmental control systems, nuclear plant modernization, cyber security equipment development, and smart grid outlook (a list of full suggested topics can be found here). Original contributions are to be submitted by January 15th, 2014. Abstracts, whether they include a technical paper or presentation only, must be sent through the X-CD system on the conference’s website (a link to the X-CD system is expected to be posted shortly). All paper submissions will be peer reviewed to ensure quality and originality and symposium proceedings will be published for distribution to attendees of the conference.

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