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Building Block Shrinks Buck Converters

An addition to International Rectifier’s iPOWIR integrated power conversion stage product line, the iP1206 is designed for two-phase single-output buck converter applications up to 30 A or dual independent outputs up to 15 A. The iP1206 consists of a full-function PWM control IC combined with an optimized power stage to achieve high power density.

Both the single- and dual-output options use synchronized 180 degree out-of-phase operation, reducing input current ripple and input voltage ripple. Other features include a switching frequency up to 600 kHz per channel, lossless current limit, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, pre-bias start up, external synchronization, output voltage tracking and sequencing.

Table. Specifications
Package VIN
Max Per Channel
Max in 2 Phase Mode
Frequency (kHz)
iP1206PBF LGA 7.5 – 14.5 0.8 – 5.5 15 A 30 A Up to 600

Data sheets are posted at www.irf.com/whats-new/nr071219.html. Available design tools include a web-enabled iP1206 Spice circuit simulation, available at myPower.irf.com, andthe IRDCiP1206-B, a 15-A per channel, dual-output, synchronous buck converter reference design. Unit pricing for the iP1206PBF devices begins at $6.89 each in 10,000-piece quantities. Production orders are available immediately.

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