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Buck Regulator Integrates Dual Power Monitor

From austriamicrosystems, the AS7620 is a 32-V stepdown regulator that simultaneously provides an early-power-fail warning and power-good signal, yet comes in a compact (4-mm x 4-mm) MLPQ package. The device is well suited for industrial applications such as utility metering, sensor interface, motion control and data-acquisition equipment.

Device type: hysteretic buck regulator
Input voltage range: 3.6 V to 32 V
Output voltage: fixed at 3.3 V or adjustable between 1.2 V and VIN
Output current: 500 mA
Quiescent Current: approximately 100 µA at 10-mA output, less than 37 µA at 500 µA, and 1 µA in shutdown
Efficiency: up to 93%
Features: pin-selectable peak current limit 100% duty-cycle, soft-start, current limiting and thermal shutdown
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Packaging: 4-mm x 4-mm, 12-pin MLPQ
RoHS compliant? yes
Target applications: utility metering, sensor interface and other industrial motion control and battery-powered data-acquisition equipment
Pricing: $1.36 each in 1000-unit quantities
Availability: available now
Data sheet posted on web? yes, see http://www.austriamicrosystems.com/03products/products_detail/AS7620/description_AS7620.htm

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