The FKX006 buck converter
The FKX006 buck converter

Buck Converters Feature Tiny PoL Footprint

GE's new DLynx II buck converters, available in 3- or 6-A modules, can handle loads from 3 to 170 A.

GE’s 60.8-mm2 Femto DLynx II voltage regulators, the FKX003 and FKX006 DLynx II buck converters, offer the company’s smallest point-of-load (PoL) footprint. They’re available in either 3- or 6-A modules. With the addition of the two new converters, GE's DLynx II product family can now be used to power customer applications with loads from 3 A to 170 A.

According to GE, the easy-to-use, high-efficiency, fully integrated PoL power modules convert 5- or 12-V bus voltages to lower voltages of 0.6-5.5 V, as required by the load. The 6.76- by 9-mm DLynx II PoL modules provide the same benefits as GE's previous analog, low-current DLynx 3-A and 6-A dc-dc, non-isolated converters, but in a 58% smaller package (61 mm2 instead of 144 mm2) while offering 2.4 times the current density, all without compromising the reliability and performance of the different Lynx series.

FKX006 is one of the smallest complete buck converter modules at only 10 A per square centimeter. With the same footprint, the FKX003 provides design flexibility, allowing designers to provide 3 A or 6 A. The converters also have wide input and output voltage ranges of 4.5-14.4 V and 0.6-5.5 V, respectively, and high efficiencies of up to 93.5%.

The FKX003 and FKX006 support patented Tunable Loop, which provides superior transient performance while minimizing required output capacitors.

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