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Buck-Boost Module Operates With High Efficiency

Linear Technology’s LTM4607, the latest member of its μModule family of dc-dc converters, uses a four-switch synchronous MOSFET design to achieve up to 92% efficiency in boost mode (VIN: 5 V, VOUT: 16 V, IOUT: 2.5 A), and up to 97.7% efficiency in buck mode (VIN: 32 V, VOUT: 20 V, IOUT: 8 A). The device operates from a VIN range of 4.5 Vdc to 36 Vdc, regulates VOUT from 0.8 Vdc to 24 Vdc, and delivers output power up to 190 W. To reduce undesirable frequency harmonics, the converter is also phase-lockable to an external clock frequency ranging from 200 kHz to 400 kHz.

The LTM4607 integrates a synchronous buck-boost dc-dc controller, four n-channel MOSFETs, input and output bypass capacitors, and all compensation circuitry. It is available in a 15-mm x 15-mm x 2.8-mm LGA plastic molded package. Pricing for 1000 pieces starts at $21.55.

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