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Brushless Servo Motors Have Three Different NEMA Frame Sizes

PittmanĀ® brand "AB Series" brushless servo motors introduce a family of powerful motor solutions in three different NEMA frame sizes (each available in various lengths) to accommodate a wide range of design envelopes. Their brushless technology contributes extended service life for applications ranging from medical and industrial equipment to instrumentation and automation machinery, among others.

These motors (AB23000, AB34000, and AB48000) in NEMA sizes 23 (2.25 in.), 34 (3.54 in.), and 56 (4.75 in.) can provide continuous stall torque from 0.42 Nm to 12.88 Nm (3.75 lb-in to 114 lb-in) and peak torque from 1.28 Nm to 38.3 Nm (11.3 lb-in to 339 lb-in), depending on model. Rated speeds range from 2800 RPM to 5200 RPM and voltage ratings up to 325 VDC for offline drives can be achieved.

All versions are designed with medium to high Ke to accommodate low buss voltage applications; feature rugged IP65 construction; incorporate heavy-duty 0.5 in. shafts and front shaft seals; and are CE, UL and cUL approved.

Motors can additionally be equipped with optical encoders, external holding brakes, Hall effect sensors, precision servo gearing, mating power and feedback cables (packaged in kits), and other customization options to satisfy particular application requirements.

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