Power Electronics

Boost Controller Eliminates Heatsink

Linear Technology’s LTC3814-5 is a synchronous stepup switching regulator controller that eliminates the RSENSE resistor, the boost diode and the heatsink. The LTC3814-5 can regulate output voltages up to 60 V and includes powerful 1-Ω onboard dual n-channel MOSFET gate drivers. The LTC3814-5 can regulate a 24-V output at 4 A with up to 97% efficiency from a 4.5-V to 14-V input.

The LTC3814-5 maintains ±0.875% reference-voltage accuracy. The 25-MHz error amplifier provides fast line and load transient response, and the constant off-time current mode architecture provides accurate cycle-by-cycle current-limit protection. The operating frequency is selected by an external resistor from 100 kHz to 1 MHz, which is also compensated for VIN variations and can be synchronized to an external clock for noise-sensitive applications. The LTC3814-5 is offered in a thermally enhanced TSSOP-16 package, with pricing for 1000 pieces beginning at $3.50 each.

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