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Battery Maker Opens Performance Lab

Nexergy’s Performance Verification Laboratory will provide advanced capabilities to conduct comparative product research into energy cell properties. The test facility will be used to carry out extensive testing on several commercially available battery cells and Nexergy custom OEM battery packs.

“A supplier’s specifications for cells are typically derived under ideal conditions,” says Chris Turner, Nexergy’s Director of Battery Technology. “We often see ‘specsmanship,’ where one manufacturer might show performance with one set of parameters generally favorable to their cell chemistry or construction, while another manufacturer uses another set of parameters, which makes it difficult for the end user to make a confident choice of cells”

The Nexergy facility can simultaneously test cells or batteries in a variety of atypical environments, including extremes of temperature and humidity. The data collected will provide clear, direct comparisons of similar products and help predict a cell or battery pack’s performance in demanding environments. The Laboratory can be used to verify the performance of the customer’s battery pack designs early in the development process by simulating the expected device power profile prior to building the actual host device prototypes.

The climate-controlled Performance Verification Laboratory includes a collection of test and monitoring equipment. Of note are a MACCOR Model 4000 Series with such options as high-speed pulse discharge capability, SMBus interface control, in-situ impedance measurements, and external charge control and a CSZ Temperature/Humidity chamber with the capability to go from -73°C to +190°C (-100°F to +375°F) and 10% to 98% relative humidity.

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