Power Electronics

Automotive MCU Controls Brushless DC Motors

NEC Electronics America’s V850E/PHO3 is a 32-bit all flash automotive MCU optimized for applications that require control of up to two 3-phase brushless dc motors simultaneously. Applications include electronic power steering, electronic braking, damping and other vehicle-stability control applications. Featuring an embedded FlexRay controller, the MCU also is well suited for advanced network architectures and future x-by-wire applications. The V850E/PHO3 MCU is based on the V850E CPU core.

The MCU actively supports the design of safety integrity level 3 (SIL3)- conformant (IEC61508) engine control units that have highly efficient, on-chip safety diagnostics—including error-correcting code in flash memory and RAM, hardware-based cyclical redundancy checks, redundant peripherals, core self-test software and a floating-point unit capable of diverse processing. The device is available now in a 35-pin BGA package, with volume production scheduled for the first quarter of 2008. NEC Electronics also provides a complete, ready-to-use AUTOSAR-compliant microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) software stack that enables fast design of standardized and reusable application software.

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