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Automotive LDOs Feature Low Quiescent Currents

ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of low dropout linear regulators (LDOs) for automotive electronics modules that require very low ignition-off currents. Qualified to AEC-Q100 and operating across a wide temperature range, the NCV86xx LDOs combine high levels of on-board functionality with typical quiescent currents (Iq) as low as 22 µA.

Device type: AEC-Q100 qualified LDOs
Output voltage: 3.3 V and 5.0 V
Output current: 350 mA (NCV8674 and NCV8675) or 150 mA (NCV8660, NCV8664, and NCV8665)
Output voltage accuracy: ±2.0%
Quiescent current: 22 µAtyp. (NCV8664), 27 μA typ. (NCV8674), 28 µA typ. (NCV8660), 30 µA typ.(NCV8665); and34 µA typ.(NCV8675)
Features: power-on reset and delay time select (NCV8660, NCV8665, andNCV8675); reverse battery, short circuit and thermal overload protection (NCV8664, NCV8665, NCV8674 and NCV8675); internal short circuit and thermal shutdown(NCV8660); ability to withstand input voltage transients inherent to direct battery connection is common
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to 150°C
Packaging: DPAKs D2PAKs, SOICs, and SOT-223s
RoHS compliant? not specified
Target applications: automotive modules requiring very low ignition-off currents
Pricing: $1.24 to $1.38 each in 2,500-unit quantities for the NCV8660; $0.90 to $1.25 each in 4,000-unit quantities for the NCV8664; $1.48 each in 800-unit quantities for the NCV8665; $1.54 each in 800-unit quantities for the NCV8674; $1.70 each in 800-unit quantities for the NCV8675.
Availability: available now
Data sheet posted on web? see www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/parametrics.do?id=366

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