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Audio Amplifier at APEC2013

CogniPower is introducing the Predictive Energy Balancing audio amplifier at APEC 2013 in Long Beach, California. These power amplifiers operate on a completely different principle from other switched-mode amplifiers. This new topology offers the efficiency of the most efficient switched-mode amplifiers with the fidelity of a linear amplifier. They enable better sound for cell phones, tablets and portable media players while extending battery life. These amplifiers can be significantly smaller and less expensive than the amplifiers used now. In addition, the technology is scalable from piezo speakers for cell phones to theater speakers. CogniPower will publicly demonstrate the capabilities of its new technology for the first time at APEC 2013.

Earlier this year, CogniPower announced it had completed the first prototype of this new type of audio amplifier based on its Predictive Energy Balancing (PEB) technology. Applying its patented PEB technology to switched-mode amplifiers enables more agile and efficient operation. These power amplifiers can drive piezo or dynamic speakers, or can be optimized for any power amplifier application.

The PEB amplifier is essentially a bidirectional power converter. Once its capabilities as an audio amp are appreciated, it can be operated as a DC/AC or DC/DC converter. Its bidirectionality even allows it to operate as an energy harvesting device.

CogniPower will have a live demonstration running at Booth #122 during exhibition hours from Monday March 18th to Wednesday March 20th. In addition Tom Lawson, co-inventor of the technology, will present a technical seminar on the Predictive Energy Balancing Amplifier at 1:30 on Tuesday, March 19th in Meeting Room 103B, on Level 1.

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