Power Electronics

APEC 2010

New Products Introductions

High-Power Busbars

ROGERS POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS RO-LINX® custom designed busbars include RO-LINX Performance, RO-LINX Easy, and RO-LINX Thermal. RO-LINX busbars serve as power distribution highways. The laminated busbars enable high current density and power switching with minimal losses through the power module. Benefits include optimized inductance, compact design, and reduced installation time. The R0-LINX busbars can be as long as three meters with an unlimited number of conductors. They carry a UL rating.
Rogers, www.rogerscorp.com
Rogers, CT

Fixed-Frequency Current-Mode Controller

ON SEMICONDUCTOR introduced the NCP1237, NCP1238 and NCP1288 fixed-frequency, current-mode controller ICs. Targeted at AC-DC adapter applications for laptop/notebook computers, LCD displays, printers, and household consumer electronics, the controllers are available in a choice of frequency options with single or dual level overcurrent thresholds. The standard device has a built-in 65 kHz oscillator, with 100 kHz and 133 kHz versions supplied on request. The IC's proprietary SoftSkip mode ramps the peak current gradually during skip mode, reducing audible noise. This allows additional component savings and eases the design and manufacture of the transformer. Combining this with a frequency fold-back function, the new controllers deliver high efficiency levels in light load conditions, while minimizing input power during no-load conditions. The Dynamic Self Supply (DSS) function of the NCP1237 and NCP1238 provide an integrated start-up current source that intelligently handles start-up and line transient events. The controllers integrate brown-out, over-power compensation and ramp compensation.
ON Semiconductor, www.onsemi.com
Phoenix, AZ

Paper Thin Inductors Offer Size and Inductance Advantages

PAYTON PLANAR MAGNETICS has introduced a line of low profile, paper-thin planar inductors that address the need for flexible parts. The size of the paper-thin inductors are 0.5mm × 10mm × 10mm. Inductance is from 10µH to 120µH at currents up to 150mA. Typical applications for the inductors are power cards having the thickness of a credit card. Embedded in plastic, the paper is as flexible as credit card plastic. Thus, the material can bend together without damaging the inductor. Compared with conventional wire-wound inductors, the planar inductors have lower height and higher inductance. Core material is high permeability metal, such as nanocrystalline and nickel. The inductors are mounted by soldering on their corners via surface-mount pads. Saturation current depends on the inductance, but is typically around 200mA. Most applications are based on the user's application requirements.
Payton Group International, http://www.paytongroup.com
Deerfield Beach, FL

Sealed Power Environmental Connector

THE SPEC PAK (Sealed Power for Environmental Connector) has an environmentally-sealed IP67 shell to protect existing APP contacts and housings. The company's customer-configured SPEC Pak Connectors can be used anywhere a rugged or waterproof high power, signal and ground interconnect solution is required. The core technology within, and protected by, the SPEC Pak is Powerpoles, a proven reliable and cost-effective technology, combining to form a power environmental interconnect. The broad selection of color-coded housings offer versatility with power housings (standard and finger-proof) that handle up to 45 amps, as well as signal and ground housings for design flexibility. These housings, combined with contacts for wire gauges #24 to #10 AWG (0.25 to 4 mm2), give users thousands of possible design solutions in a single interconnect. The SPEC Pak utilizes an industry-standard, panel-mount cut-out - 26482/5015 shell size 24, and the touch-safe housings meet UL1977, Section 10.2.
Anderson Power Products, www.andersonpower.com
Sterling, MA

45V, 100mA LDO Offers 30µVRMS Noise & Output Down to 0.6V

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION announces the LT3060, a high-voltage, low noise, low dropout voltage linear regulator. The IC delivers up to 100mA continuous output current with a 300mV dropout voltage at full load. The LT3060 features a wide input voltage range of 1.6V to 45V, delivering adjustable output voltages from 0.6V to 44.5V. A single capacitor provides both programmable ultra-low noise operation — only 30µVRMS across a wide bandwidth of 10Hz to 100kHz - and reference soft-start functionality, preventing output voltage overshoot at turn-on. The LT3060's output voltage tolerance is highly accurate at ±2% over line, load and temperature. The IC's wide input and output voltage ranges, fast transient response, low quiescent current of 40µA (operating) and <1µA (in shutdown) suit it for portable battery-powered systems that require optimum run-time, and usage in automotive, industrial and avionic power supply applications. The LT3060 operates with a very small, low cost, ceramic output capacitor, optimizing stability and transient response. It is stable with only a 2.2µF output capacitor. These tiny external capacitors can be used without the necessary addition of series resistance (ESR), as is common with many other regulators. The LT3060's internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, reverse-output protection, reverse-current protection, current limit with foldback and thermal limiting. The LT3060EDC, LT3060IDC, LT3060ETS8 and LT3060ITS8 are housed in eight-lead, 2mm × 2mm DFN and eight-lead ThinSOT™ packages, respectively, offering a compact footprint. The “E” and “I” grade versions are available from stock with an operating junction temperature of -40°C to +125°C and are priced at $1.21 and $1.33 each, respectively. The LT3060HTS8 “H” grade and LT3060MPTS8 “MP” grade are available from stock and offered in the ThinSOT package, with respective operating junction temperatures of -40°C to +150°C and-55°C to +125°C. These regulators are priced at $1.67 and $4.34 each, respectively.
Linear Technology, http://www.linear.com
Milpitas, CA

12-Channel Sequencer Cuts Board Space, Eases Design

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. introduced the industry's first 12-channel sequencer and system health manager with fan control and multiphase PWM clock generator. The UCD90124 integrates system power management and system thermal management into one device, which reduces board space and eases design, while providing highly intelligent system health monitoring. The UCD90124 features power supply margining and comprehensive non-volatile error logging, allowing customers to diagnose power supply failures in their systems. TI's easy-to-use Fusion Digital Power Designer Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows the designer to configure the UCD90124 via a PMBus™/I2C interface. The free, downloadable tool simplifies the development process and speeds time-to-market by allowing the designer to configure the sequencer's device parameters in minutes.
Texas Instruments Inc., www.ti.com
Dallas, TX

LM25066 IC Reduces Data Center Costs

NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. announced the industry's first system monitoring, protection and control integrated circuit (IC) with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support. The LM25066 provides designers of blade servers, storage networking systems, routers/switches, and modular subsystems with a solution that improves system reliability and reduces operating expenses in data centers. National's LM25066 IC integrates high-performance monitoring, protection and control blocks that precisely control and manage the electrical operating conditions of each blade in the chassis. The chip continuously supplies the system management host with real-time power, voltage, current, temperature, and fault data for each blade subsystem. The LM25066's system management bus (SMBus) communications interface delivers this data using the PMBus protocol. The host's system diagnostic and optimization routines use the data to increase system reliability and minimize the data center's total power consumption.
National Semiconductor, www.national.com
Santa Clara, CA

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DC-DC Converter MOSFETs Achieve Lower Resistance, Gate Charge

THE SEVENTH GENERATION trench process used in the Toshiba fast switching series, UMOS VII-H, enables a significant reduction in gate switch charge and on-state resistance, improving power efficiency. The first two MOSFETS in the UMOS VII-H series, the TPCA8O55-H and TPC8055-H, are intended for high efficiency dc-dc converters in mobile and desktop computers, servers, video game consoles, and other electronic devices. They convert input voltage to the level required for various subsystems such as the processor, memory and input-output devices. In internal testing, the UMOS-VII TPCA8055-H achieved 13 percent lower RDS(ON) compared to the previous UMOS VI-H generation MOSFET. The new devices also feature fast switching, enabled through lower gate charge (QSW) and lower gate resistance (RG).
Toshiba America Electronic Components, www.toshiba.com/taec
San Jose, CA

Mains Input Resistors Fuse Safely, Silently

WELWYN COMPONENTS has introduced a new series of mains input resistors that use an advanced coating and production process to ensure safe, silent operation in overload conditions, while matching the thermal and electrical insulating properties of standard silicone cement. This allows designers to more easily meet UL requirements, while eliminating the need to put additional fuses in series with the input resistor. The ULW series wire-wound resistors overcome the problems associated with conventional flameproof resistors caused by the ceramic rod at the resistor's core acting as a heat sink for the wire element. This can delay fusing, resulting in high enough temperatures to fragment the coating and ionize the air near to where fusing occurs. If ionization occurs close to the cap edge and at a voltage peak in the mains cycle, it can initiate a momentary flashover outside the component body, releasing far more energy than is required to fuse the wire element.
TT Electronics, www.ttelectronics.com

Thermally Shielded Capacitor

ITW PAKTRON has introduced a thermally shielded enhanced version of the standard Type CB4G Capstick© capacitor, designed for lead-free surface mount assembly. The capacitor plate elements of the enhanced Type CB4G-FS version retain the same core contraction as before, thus providing identical electrical and environmental performance to the original market proven chug product. However, enhanced processing and improved packaging allows this thermally shielded version to handle the higher reflow soldering temperatures used for lead-free SMD assembly. As a result, the product is RoHS-6 Compliant, and is the only production metallized film capacitor able to withstand reflow solder temperatures specified in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020.
ITW Paktron, www.paktron.com
Lynchburg, VA

Surface Mount Inductors Handle High Current

GOWANDA ELECTRONICS' new surface mount inductor series, the SMP1210S, combines high current, shielding and small size with inductance values from 1.0 to 100 µH and current ratings from 205 to 1384 mA dc. The inductor is intended for power applications, including filters for dc-dc converters, switching regulated power supplies, and other power supply applications requiring high current handling capability, shielding, and compact footprint size. Specifications for the SMP1210S inductor series include: inductance from 1.0 to 100 microhenries (at 1 kHz), current rating from 205 to 1384 mA dc, and saturation current from 200 to 2060 mA dc. Operating temperature is -55°C to +125°C. Coupling is less than 4% with 1mm of spacing between components. The recommended footprint is 0.070 in (1.78mm) by 0.120 in (3.05mm) by .130 in (3.3mm). The inductors are supplied on tape and reel.
Gowanda Electronics Corp., www.gowanda.com
Gowanda, NY

80-V TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC. introduced six single- and dual-chip 80-V TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers in four power package options that feature a wide range of current ratings from 10 A to 30 A. The devices released include the single-chip V(B,F,I)T1080S, V(B,F,I)T2080S, and V(B,F,I)T3080S, and the dual-chip V(B,F,I)T1080C, V(B,F,I)T2080C, and V(B,F,I)T3080C. Each device is offered in the power TO-220AB, ITO-220AB, TO-262AA, and TO-263AB packages. With extremely low forward voltage drops down to 0.57 V typical and superior avalanche capability, the rectifiers reduce power loss and improve efficiency in freewheeling diodes and ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc converters in high-frequency power switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), desktop PCs, servers, and LCD TVs. The rectifiers feature a maximum junction temperature of +150 °C and are compliant to ROHS directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC. The TO-263AB package offers an MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1 per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of 245 °C. The TO-220AB, ITO-220AB, and TO-262AA packages feature solder bath temperatures of 275 °C maximum, 10 s, per JESD 22-B106. Samples and production quantities of the TMBS rectifiers are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery begins at $0.80 per piece in quantities below 10,000.
Vishay Intertechnology Inc., http://www.vishay.com
Malvern, PA

22V, 5A Regulator Meets Step-Down DC/DC Needs

MICROSEMI CORP. extended its family of dc-dc controllers and switching regulators with a new synchronous buck switching regulator in a compact multi-chip module with built-in power functionality. The NX9415 switching regulator is designed for step-down dc-dc converter applications in LCD TVs, set-top boxes, DSL modems, networks, telecom, networking, and other point-of-load dc-dc applications. Microsemi's use of advanced multi-chip module (MCM) packaging enables the NX9415 to convert 8- to 22V inputs down to as low as 0.8 V with an output current of up to 5A, while occupying a small 4mm × 4mm footprint and maintaining the device's high-frequency capability. By contrast, alternative monolithic silicon solutions require a die size with a significantly larger footprint to achieve the same high frequency and low drain-to-source on-resistance (RDS(ON)) as the NX9415.
Microsemi Corp., www.microsemi.com
Irvine, CA

XLamp LED Improves Light Bulb Efficiency

CREE, INC. ‘S new lighting-class LED can reportedly obsolete energy-inefficient light bulbs. The XLamp® MPL EasyWhite(TM) LED offers the performance, color consistency and lumen density to displace conventional light sources, all in the industry's smallest package. Featuring Cree's unique EasyWhite innovation, the LEDs are specified like traditional light sources - simply indicate the desired color temperature and brightness.

The multi-chip XLamp MPL EasyWhite LED is optimized for directional lighting applications, including PAR- or BR-style light bulbs. With proper system design, the MPL EasyWhite LED can deliver the required light output for a 3000-K, 75-Watt equivalent BR-30 light bulb, but would consume 78-percent less energy than traditional incandescent technology. This would meet the efficacy and lumen-output requirements for integral LED lamps as defined by ENERGY STAR®. MPL EasyWhite LEDs are offered in 2700-K, 3000-K, 3500-K, and 4000-K color temperatures that are in the center of the respective ANSI C78.377-2008 color bins. Due to the superior color consistency of the MPL EasyWhite LEDs, the color space occupied by each of these color temperatures is 75-percent smaller than the total area of the corresponding ANSI C78.377 color bins. This can reduce component count and eliminate complex mixing recipes and the pixilation often associated with other LED designs.

The XLamp MPL EasyWhite LED features up to 1500 lumens at 250 mA and a compact 12-mm × 13-mm footprint, which is 72 percent smaller than the nearest-competing LED component. It is commercially available in volume now with standard lead times and in small quantities through authorized Cree distributors, as well as in sample quantities direct from Cree.
Cree, Inc,. http://www.cree.com
Durham, NC

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XP Power Introduces 650W AC/DC Supply for Medical Apps

XP POWER ANNOUNCED introduction of the SHP650 and MHP650 series of single-output, high-power density, fan-cooled AC/DC power supplies. The MHP650 range meets the IEC60601-1 safety specification for medical equipment, while the SHP650 range compiles with the IEC60950 standard for IT and industrial equipment. Both series are typically 86% efficient, and have a high power density of 8.2 Watts/cubic inch. Three mechanical mounting formats are available to provide design-in flexibility. Two fan-cooled formats provide the option of having the fan mounted internally on the top or externally mounted on the end of the unit. The integral fan speed is load-dependent to help minimize noise. By using the U-channel format, designers can supply their own airflow; only 5.5 meters/second forced airflow is required. A +12 VDC, 6 W fan supply is provided when using this format. All units operate from a universal 85-264 VAC input range with full power available from 90VAC. The operating temperature range is -20 °C to +70 °C, with no derating below 50 °C. Each series offers six output voltage variants covering the nominal voltages of +12, +15, +24, +28, + 36 or +48 VDC, and can be trimmed within +/- 10% of nominal. A +5VDC, 1W always- on output is provided for standby purposes. The SHP and MHP ranges feature a constant current overload characteristic, suiting them for motor and other industrial type loads. Available control signals include AC OK and remote on/off. An active current share capability is also provided to allow sharing of load across multiple units or for configuration of redundant systems. Remote sense is also provided.
XP Power, http://www.xppower.com
Sunnyvale, CA

Off-Line LED Driver Provides Efficient Solution for Consumer Lighting

INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG introduced the ICL8001G off-line driver IC for high-efficiency LED bulbs with dimming for residential lighting. It has a flexible architecture that supports cost-effective 40W/60W/100W incandescent bulb replacement and all typical consumer lighting applications. The ICL8001G enables up to 90 percent efficiency, supports a broad variety of installed wall dimmers, and is the only primary controlled off-line LED drive solution with integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC). Power factor exceeds 98 percent. Advantages of a well-designed LED bulb include 85 percent greater efficiency compared to an incandescent bulb. This higher efficiency can have a significant impact on carbon footprint, as lighting represents nearly 20 percent of energy use (Source: EuroStat). LED bulbs also are instant-on, are easily controlled in smart lighting systems, provide high light quality, and have a long life (approximately 50,000 hours).
Infineon, www.infineon.com

High Power Card Edge Connector Provides Low Power Loss, High Linear Current Density

FCI ANNOUNCES the High Power Card Edge (HPCETM) connector. This next-generation power card edge connector is intended for applications requiring low power loss and high linear current density. The connector is rated to 9A per power contact beam (with multiple power contacts fully energized) without exceeding a 30°C temperature rise in still air. The HPCE Connector has a low profile height (<= 7.50mm) and is based on cost-effective, highly reliable stamped-and-formed power contact technology. HPCE connectors are available with power and signal contacts integrated into a single molded housing for power distribution and power control. The flexible, modular tooling approach used for the HPCE connector makes the product highly configurable in terms of the number and placement of the power and signal contacts for custom power needs. The HPCE connector features a low profile height for increased system airflow and heat dissipation, low contact resistance characteristics, significantly increased linear current density, a robust housing with touch-proof safety features, and a polarization option to ensure proper mating. Vertical and right-angle options are available to accommodate various system architectures.
FCI, http://www.fci.com
Etters, PA

Miniature Single-Sided SSL Connector Series to Include 5A Current Rating

AVX CORP Has expanded its 9159 Series solid-state lighting connector offering to include a miniature, single-sided SMT connector for PCB strip lighting applications. The robust 5A connectors provide reliable board-to-board connection for end-to-end board mating, also known as “butt mating”, which optimizes LED spacing for maximum optical performance. The 9159 Series LED connectors feature a slide-top receptacle that enables quick and easy in-field repair and replacement once the lighting fixture has been installed. The connectors also include a shorting socket and locking mechanism to ensure positive attachment and to meet emerging harsh environment SSL system requirements. Optional wire-to-board plug connectors are also available with the standard receptacle to get power and signals onto the board. The two-piece wire-to-board connector is typically surface mounted to the top side of the PCB, which allows the board to be directly attached to a heat sink for maximum thermal dissipation. These 3.0mm pitch and 3.0mm high connectors are only 5.50mm wide when mated together to provide small LED pitch spacing. Tooled in two-, three-, four-, five- and six-position versions, the 9159 Series 5A connectors have a voltage rating of 125 VAC with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Providing simple, yet reliable termination of PCBs for LED lighting applications, the 9159 Series connectors are tested to industrial levels of shock, vibration and temperature cycling per IEC specifications to assure they can withstand harsh environments. Ideal for use in rugged applications such as industrial and automotive lighting systems, the 9159 Series connectors are also well-suited for LED lighting strips for sports arena signs, display cases, lighted cabinets, fluorescent tube replacement, and architectural lights used for building feature enhancement or internal accent lighting. These connectors are supplied in tape and reel packaging and are RoHS-compliant. The connectors are priced at competitive market levels with an eight-week lead time.
AVX Corp,. http://www.avx.com
Myrtle Beach, SC

Ductorseal® Hermetic Feedthroughs Eliminate Leak Paths

DOUGLAS ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS, INC. (DECo) introduces its Ductorseal® feedthrough product line, which features precision-machined housings of aluminum, titanium, steel, brass, plastic or low out-gassing epoxy, and are available with various standard or custom wire bundles, including AWG #38 through 500 MCM wires, cables and harnesses in virtually any length. They are epoxy-sealed to provide leak-free performance in a range of operating environments, from 1×10-10 Torr through 15,000 psi, and from 4 K (LHe) through 200°C. High voltage and low cross-section wire feedthroughs operating up to 30kV-DC are also available. Conductor counts range from single wires through 3,200 or more wires. Connector configurations on both atmospheric and vacuum/pressure sides can be mixed and matched as needed. Ductorseal feedthroughs are widely used in applications ranging from automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, space simulation, military, and alternative energy, to air conditioning and refrigeration, X-ray, explosion-proof, and oil and gas exploration. DECo can hermetically seal any conductor, including wires, cables, harnesses and fiber optics, through any housing, and to any leak rate and sealing level standard, including IP, NEMA and MTD-STD-810. The company also supplies value-added subassemblies, including transducers, sensors, switches, heaters, connectors, flex circuits, ribbon cables, thermocouples, fiber optics and other discrete components.
Douglas Electrical Components, http://www.douglaselectrical.com
Randolph, NJ

PSR PWM Controllers

FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR'S primary side regulation (PSR) PWM controllers offer designers of mobile chargers, adapters and LED lighting applications multiple solutions to meet stringent power and regulatory specifications such as ENERGY STAR® Level V. Fairchild's broad portfolio of PSR PWM controllers include the FSEZ1307 PSR controller with high voltage (HV) startup and an integrated MOSFET. The controllers simplify designs, save board space, and meet today's demands for power savings. Fairchild's PSR PWM controllers, including the FSEZ1307, FSEZ1317 and FAN103, enable efficient electronics and maximize energy savings in power-sensitive applications such as power adapters, power supplies, lighting applications, computers, industrial controls, and home appliances.
Fairchild Semiconductor, www.fairchildsemi.com
South Portland, ME

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Three, Four-Channel Programmable ICs

EXAR HAS ADDED two new products to its PowerXR family of programmable power system ICs, the XRP7713 and XRP7714. PowerXR ICs combine the low cost and flexibility of digital power control with the robust power capabilities of high performance analog power switchers. PowerXR products reduce development time from weeks to hours, reducing time-to-market for system design engineers. Using Exar's Digital Power Studio™ tool, engineers can easily modify voltage, current, or other parameters in seconds. Engineers can tweak parameters throughout the design cycle, qualification, and into final test. If attached to an Ethernet cable, you can even change the design after it is shipped - just as simple as a firmware update.
Exar, www.exar.com
Fremont, CA

High Power Density Inductor for DC-DC Converters

BI TECHNOLOGIES has developed a high current surface mount power inductor designated the HA73 Series. The inductor features a high saturation core material and an operating frequency up to 800kHz, while measuring just 19.2mm × 19.6mm with a height of 12.2 mm. The HA73 Series inductors feature a typical rated inductance range from 13.5µH to 29.5µH, with a typical rated current range from 6.5A to 9A, depending on the device. Heating current ranges from 8A to 12A, with a saturation current from 9A to 13A. Typical dc resistance for the inductor ranges from 12.8mΩ to 28.6mΩ. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +155°C, and maximum temperature rise is +50°C. BI Technologies will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements.
BI Technologies, www.bitechnologies.com
Fullerton, CA

Low-Voltage, Low On-Resistance MOSFETs in PQFN Package

INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER introduced a family of HEXFET® power MOSFETs, including the IRFH6200TRPbF that delivers the industry's lowest on-state resistance (RDS(on)). The new power MOSFETs are the company's first devices available in a 5×6mm PQFN package with optimized copper clip and solder die. The IRFH6200TRPbF 20V device delivers industry-leading RDS(ON) of only 1.2 mΩ (max.) at 4.5V VGS to significantly cut conduction losses for dc motor drive applications such as hand tools. The 25V IRFH5250TRPbF and 30V IRFH53xxTRPbF devices are designed for dc switch applications such as active ORing and dc motor drive applications requiring high current carrying capability and high efficiency. The IRFH5250TRPbF features ultra-low RDS(ON) of 1.15 mΩ (max.) combined with just 52 nC gate charge (QG), while the IRFH5300TRPbF delivers R DS(ON) of only 1.4 mΩ (max.) combined with only 50 nC QG.
International Rectifier, www.irf.com
El Segundo, CA

THE APEC 2010 PAPERS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE BY THE END OF APRIL. To view the papers and abstracts of APEC 2010, click on “Conference Proceedings” on the left side of the page. This moves you to the “Browse Conference Proceedings” page. In the “Browse by Keywords” window, type in “APEC” and click on the “Browse” button. This will bring up a list of APEC categories. You might have to click on “2” to reach the list of papers. You can browse through the paper's titles and get an abstract of papers. Then, just follow directions to purchase a paper reprint. If you want to see any of the papers listed below, just look for their page numbers. The papers below are just a small sample of those presented at APEC. The full abstract list is at http://www.ieee.org/ieeexplore.

Bridgeless Buck PFC Rectifier

Author(s): Jang, Y., Jovanovic, M. Pages: 23 - 29

Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: A New Rectifier Stage Topology

Author(s): Hui, J., Bakhsai, A., Jain, P. Pages: 155 - 161

A Fault Tolerant Control System for Hexagram Inverter Motor Drive

Author(s): Zhou, L., Smedley, K. Pages: 264 - 270

A Waveform Control Technique for High Power Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Repetitive Control Algorithm

Author(s): Wang, Z., Xie, C., He, C., Chen, G. Pages: 361 - 366

New 1.7kV IGBT Chip with Fine Pattern and Optimized Buffer Layer

Author(s): Donlon, J., Motto, E., Satoh, K., Suzuki, K., Yoshihiura, Y. Pages: 392 - 397

Recent Advances in Silicon Carbide MOSFET Power Devices

Author(s): Stevanovic, L., Matocha, K., Losee, P., Glaser, J., Nasadoski, J. Pages: 401 - 407

Optimal Selection and Design of the Supercapacitor Module for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Author(s): Kim, S., Kim, T., Kim, W., Lee, J., Choi, W. Pages: 466 - 473

Edison Revisited: Impact of DC Distribution on the Cost of LED Lighting and Distributed Generation

Author(s): Thomas, B. Pages: 588 - 593

LED Driver Circuit with Inherent PFC

Author(s): Aguilar, D, Henze, C. Pages: 605 - 610

State-Space Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation of Parallel Inverters for Microgrid Applications

Author(s): Chen, C., Lai, J., Martin, D., Lee, Y. Pages: 619 - 626

A Novel Power Line Communication Technique Based on Power Electronics Circuit Topology

Author(s): Wu, J., Li, C., He, X. Pages: 681 - 685

A Low Investment Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converter Operating with Reduced Losses

Author(s): Dias, A., dos Santos, E., Jacobina, C. Pages: 755 - 760

High Performance Voltage Regulation of Current Source Inverters

Author(s): Grogan, S., Holmes, G., McGrath, B. Pages: 873 - 880

18 kW Three-Phase Inverter System Using Hermetically Sealed SiC Phase-Leg Power Modules

Author(s): Zhang, H., Tolbert, L., Han, J., Chinthavali, M., Barlow, F. Pages: 1108 - 1112

Control of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Mobile Power Generation and Grid Support Applications

Author(s): Su, G., Tang, L. Pages: 1152 - 1157

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Power Supply Design

Modeling and Design Considerations of Coupled Inductor Converters
Author(s): Zhu, G., Wang, K. Pages: 7 - 13

A Novel Bridgeless Single-Stage Half-Bridge AC/DC Converter

Author(s): Choi, W., Yu, W., Lai, J., Kwon, B. Pages: 42 - 46

SMD Inductors Based on Soft-Magnetic Powder Components

Author(s): Otsuki, E., Ishii, K., Nakano, S. Pages: 74 - 78

Practical Aspects of Using Digital Power Controller for Monitoring of Power Supply Operation

Author(s): Volfson, O. Pages: 138 - 142

Modeling of Digitally Controlled Voltage Regulator Modules

Author(s): Sun, Y., Li, J., Lee, F. Pages: 176 - 182

A Digital Pulse-Width Modulator for Phase-Shift Operation of Full-Bridge Isolated DC-DC Converters

Author(s): Corradini, L., Maksimovic, D. Pages: 277 - 283

The Power Supply in Package (PSIP) and Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC)

Author(s): Alderman, A., O'Mathuna, C. Pages: 525 - 532

Technology Roadmap for High Frequency Integrated DC-DC Converter

Author(s): Li, Q., Lim, M., Sun, J., Lee, F., Ngo, K. Pages: 533 - 539

Analysis and Design of a Low-Profile Resonant LCC Converter

Author(s): Pawellek, A., Bucher, A., Duerbaum, T. Pages: 557 - 563

A 500W Push-Pull DC-DC Power Converter with a 30 MHz Switching Frequency

Author(s): Glaser, J., Rivas, J. Pages: 654 - 661

A High-Efficient LLCC Series-Parallel Resonant Converter

Author(s): Dick, C., Titiz, F., De Doncker, R. Pages: 696 - 701

Investigation on Transformer Design of High Frequency, High Efficiency DC-DC Converters

Author(s): Fu, D., Lee, F., Wang, S. Pages: 940 - 947

Phase Doubler for High Power Voltage Regulators

Author(s): Cheung, C., Qiu, W., Chen, E., Miller, G. Pages: 1081 - 1086

Analysis and Design of a Novel ZVS-PWM DC-DC Converter for Bidirectional Control Applications with Steep Conversion Ratio

Author(s): Das, P., Mousavi, A., Moschopoulos, G. Pages: 1222 - 1229

A Family of Zero Current Switching Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters

Author(s): Cao, D., Peng, F. Pages: 1365 - 1372

Call for Papers

26th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition

March 6-10, 2011 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX USA


APEC 2011 continues the long-standing tradition of addressing issues of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronic engineer. Outstanding technical content is provided at one of the lowest registration costs of any IEEE conference. APEC 2011 will provide a) the best power electronics exposition, b) professional development courses taught by world-class experts, c) presentations of peer-reviewed technical papers covering a wide range of topics, and d) time to network and enjoy the company of fellow power electronics professionals. Papers of value to the practicing engineer are solicited in the following topic areas:

  • AC-DC and DC-DC Converters
  • Power Electronics for Utility Interface
  • Motor Drives and Inverters
  • Devices and Components
  • System Integration
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Control
  • Manufacturing and Business Issues
  • Power Electronics Applications

Please note the following time frames (exact dates TBD and posted at www.apec-conf.org ):

July 2010 Deadline for submission of digests

October 2010 Notification that a paper was accepted or declined

November 2010 Final papers and author registrations are due

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