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60 A Synchronous Buck NexFET(tm) Smart Power Stage

60 A Synchronous Buck NexFET(tm) Smart Power Stage


Texas Instruments' CSD95372BQ5M/C NexFET smart power stage is a high performance,  low voltage MOSFET pair combined with a driver IC.  The highly optimized design is intended for high-power, high-density synchronous buck converters in either single or multi-phase POL applications. This product integrates an optimized driver IC and NexFET silicon packaged using a PowerStack(tm) configuration to achieve higher efficiency at high frequency than competing DrMOS devices. This combination produces high current, high efficiency, and high speed switching capability in a 5 x 6 mm outline package. It also integrates the accurate current sensing and temperature sensing functionality to simplify system design and improve accuracy. In addition, the PCB grounded lead footprint has been optimized to improve thermal performance and simplify the completion of the overall system design.


·      60A continuous operating current capability

·      93.4% system efficiency at 30A

·      Power loss of 2.8W at 30A

·      Operation up to 1.25 MHz

·      Diode emulation mode with FCCM

·      Temperature compensated bi-directional current sense

·      Analog temperature output (600 mV at 0°C)

·      Protection- high side short, overcurrent, overtemperature

·      3.3V and 5V PWM signal compatible '

·      Tri-state PWM input

·      Integrated bootstrap diode

·      Optimized dead time for shoot-through protection

·      5 x 6 mm grounded lead QFN package

·      DualCool(tm) package available

·      RoHS compliant



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