Power Electronics

300mA Low VIN LDO Offers Higher Efficiency in Less Space for Digital Applications

Fairchild Semiconductor offers designers of energy-sensitive systems a 300mA low-dropout (LDO) solution balancing efficiency, transient response, and footprint size. The FAN2564 is a low VIN LDO offering the efficiency of a switcher-based solution but in the footprint of an LDO. Traditional LDO regulators create low voltage supplies for digital processors. These LDO regulators are connected directly to the battery, resulting in poor efficiency. The FAN2564 regulator has a dropout of 100mV and operates from supplies as low as 1.8V, allowing the device to post-regulate from existing low voltage supplies in the system. By operating from a low VIN, the voltage drop across the LDO is reduced, resulting in high efficiency linear power conversion.

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