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0.65µW Voltage Detector with Dual Outputs

Touchstone Semiconductor announced the new TS12001 voltage detector, which combines a 0.58V reference and a resettable latched comparator in a single package. The TS12001 operates from a single 0.65V to 2.5V power supply and consumes less than 1µA total supply current. This device produces a reset signal whenever the monitored voltage drops below an internally preset 0.78V threshold or below an external, resistor-programmable reset threshold voltage.

The TS12001's internal comparator exhibits ±10mV of hysteresis for clean, chatter-free output switching. The TS12001 also offers both push-pull and open-drain outputs. Its push-pull output can source or sink current and the open-drain output can be used in wired-OR or mixed system voltage applications.

The TS12001 is an ideal choice for fixed-platform and battery-powered systems where total PCB area and power consumption matter. Target applications for the TS12001 include power-fail indicators, low-battery and battery-backup detection, and CPU/ microprocessor/logic reset controllers.

The TS12001 is fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in a low-profile, 10-pin 2x2mm TDFN package with an exposed back-side paddle. Pricing starts at $0.32 each in 1,000 piece quantities.

Key Specifications

  • Nanopower Voltage Detector in Single 4 mm2 Package
  • Ultra Low Total Supply Current: 1µA (max)
  • Supply Voltage Operation: 0.65V to 2.5V
  • Preset 0.78V UVLO Trip Threshold
  • Internal ±10mV Hysteresis
  • Resettable Latched Comparator
  • Complimentary and Open-drain Comparator Outputs
  • Separate Comparator Output Supply Pin

Touchstone Semiconductor
Part Number: TS12001

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