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Image courtesy of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions
<p>Image courtesy of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions.</p>

Voltage Drop Simulator Automobile Battery Testing

Ametek's EM Test offers the VDS 200Q Series, a four-quadrant voltage drop simulator that can source and sink current using a programmed voltage in both positive and negative polarities. The amplifier generates dips and drops, short interruptions, and voltage variations to simulate a wide range of phenomena occurring on a vehicle wiring harness.

With unlimited operation from -15 V to +60 V, this powerful dc voltage source simulates a wide number of battery-supply waveforms used by manufacturers in the automotive industry as well as for international quality standards. Uses include military, avionics, and automotive testing environments.

The VDS 200Q Series are fast bipolar amplifiers that operate across all four quadrants that sink as well as source current. This allows the new simulators to drive capacitive loads and absorb energy feedback from the DUT up to the nominal current.

A very low source impedance of less than 10 mW and a high bandwidth of 150 kHz (full signal) enables these new sources to support low voltage drop, class-leading inrush current, and extremely fast recovery.

The unique QuickStart feature allows parameters to be adjusted during test to evaluate the DUT’s susceptibility level. And while many manufacturer-specific waveforms, such as pulse 2b (per ISO 7637-2) and pulse 4 (per ISO 16750-2), are pre-programmed, adding an external signal generator allows the VDS 200Q to generate even more complex waveforms.

Test routines are quickly programmed using the intuitive front panel with menus and function keys. The optional iso.control software automatically configures according to the connected EM TEST generators and provides an easy-to-use interface for accurate control and reporting functions. The EM TEST standards library is continually updated with the most current international and automotive manufacturers’ standards requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Used for test according to Audi, BMW, ISO, Mercedes-Benz, SAE, VW and more
  • Output range of -15 V to +60 V
  • Covers supply voltage categories 48 V, 24 V, 12 V
  • VDS 200Q25: output current 25 A; peak current 75 A
  • VDS 200Q50: output current 50 A; peak current 150 A
  • VDS 200Q100: output current 100 A; peak current 300 A. 
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