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Versatile, Compact Network Analyzer with Wide Frequency Range

Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a compact network analyzer, the Agilent E5061B, that analyzes a frequency range as low as 5 Hz up to the RF (radio frequency) range of 3 GHz. This network analyzer's broad range and versatility eliminates the need for additional low-frequency-dedicated instruments.

Applications for the Agilent E5061B, part of the ENA series of network analyzers, include general RF-network measurements, such as filters or amplifier tests, and LF (low frequency) measurements necessary for loop-gain evaluation of DC-DC converters. The E5061B's frequency coverage is suitable for power distribution networks (PDN) measurements, which evaluate the quality of a DC power supply circuit. This type of evaluation is increasingly important, especially in high-speed digital communication equipment.

Agilent E5061B features:

  1. S-parameter test port, 5 Hz to 3 GHz, with a wide dynamic range of 120 dB at > 1MHz, 90 dB at < 100 Hz;
  2. Gain-phase test port, 5 Hz to 30 MHz, switchable 1 M?/50 ? input;
  3. DC bias source from 0 to ±40 Vdc; can be added to AC test signal (for both S-parameter and gain-phase test port) or can be used as a sweepable DC source
  4. Compact form factor with a 254-mm depth, requiring less desktop space.

Agilent's ENA Series addresses a broad array of component and circuit tests, including EMC-related applications and automotive, wireless communications, aerospace and defense, education and medical applications. The series includes the Agilent E5071C (9 kHz to 8.5 GHz /300 kHz to 20 GHz), the Agilent E5061A/62A (300 kHz to 1.5/3.0 GHz) and now the Agilent E5061B, expanding coverage to LF measurement requirements down to 5 Hz.

The Agilent E5061B network analyzer is available now and is priced at $31,900.

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