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Vendor Acquires EMI Protection and Cooling Products Companies

Laird Technologies has acquired Chattanooga-based Steward and its subsidiaries. Steward provides ferrite-based products used to remove unwanted EMI at unwanted frequencies from conductors. Laird has also acquired Coollab AB, which trades as “Supercool.” Supercool, headquartered Gothenburg, Sweden, provides custom-designed thermoelectric-based assemblies

“Our strategy is to offer our customers a total solution to deliver electromagnetic signals from the air to the board, and ensuring the integrity of the signals as they pass through the conductors is key,” said Martin Rapp, CEO of Laird Technologies. “We design antennas that communicate between the air and the device. We design EMI shields that prevent interference with the signal from electromagnetic noise in adjacent airspace. Now we can design products that prevent interference with the signal from connected cables and conductors. We intend to be the leaders in this business, and Steward is a great way to start.”

“With our acquisition of Melcor last year, we established a capability in design and manufacture of thermoelectric modules, which are the engines to pull heat from sensitive electronic devices, and to a lesser extent capabilities in design of the final products in which these thermoelectric modules are used,” Rapp continued. “With Supercool, we now have greatly enhanced capabilities in offering full cooling systems to our customers around the world.”

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