Power Electronics
User-Defined Waveform Generator

User-Defined Waveform Generator

Besides accepting digital data from DAQ cards or analog data from function generators to create complex waveforms, the Chroma's 63600 also provides an enhanced feature, User Defined Waveform (UDW), to simulate the actual current profiles and waveforms.

To reconstruct the actual current waveform, simply upload the captured waveform data into any module via a Chroma softpanel. Each module is capable of storing up to 10 sets of waveforms with each comprising up to 1.2 million data points; enough to meet the most strenuous of test requirements. In addition, 63600 series also provides voltage peak measurements during actual loading conditions avoiding the need for using an oscilloscope to capture the voltage peak, saving time and costs.

About the 63600: Chroma's 63600 DC Loads are designed for testing multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components. Its state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loading using a unique CZ operation mode that provides realistic loading behaviors. This load can simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications with programmable load levels, slew rates, duration, and conducting voltage.

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