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UPS Sales Topped $7 Billion in 2007

According to IMS Research, large three-phase installations are driving UPS revenues to record levels with the global UPS market expected to surpass $7 billion in 2007. The Wellingborough, UK-based market research firm reports that the global UPS market continued its rapid growth in the third quarter with an estimated 20% year-on-year growth over Q3 2006.

“Three-phase growth continues to be the main driver for the global UPS market, but it should be noted that the Americas showed a significant slowdown in the third quarter for sub-10 kVA UPS, which can be attributed to economic concerns. The sub-10 kVA segment of UPS is a good barometer of IT spending by small-to-medium sized businesses and our analysis show a flat sub-10 kVA market for the Americas from the 3Q of 2006 to the 3Q of 2007” said analyst Michael Markides.

“The UPS market has been experiencing record growth over the past few years, with average yearly growth of almost 20%. It is widely believed within the industry that this surge will continue over the next year or two with the main driver being the installation of what is termed “mega data centers”. It will be interesting to see if the EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] and Asian markets maintain their current growth levels with the economic uncertainly in the U.S. and the impact of the falling dollar.” added Markides.

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