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Featuring 480 uniquely switchable inputs the Knick ProLine P27000 Series supports transmission speeds as fast as T90  70 micros Image courtesy of Knick USA
<p>Featuring 480 uniquely switchable inputs, the Knick ProLine P27000 Series supports transmission speeds as fast as T90 = 70 &micro;s. (Image courtesy of Knick USA).</p>

Universal Signal Conditioners Offer 480 Uniquely Switchable Inputs

Knick USA has introduced its ProLine P27000 series of universal isolated signal conditioners to the North American market. Common signal conditioning requirements call for the galvanic isolation and conversion of a wide range of input signals. These can typically range from ±20 mV to ±200 V and from ±0.1 mA through 100 mA. Featuring 480 uniquely switchable inputs, the Knick ProLine P27000 series can simplify these tasks across multiple measurement types, with transmission speeds as fast as T90 = 70 µs. Onboard transformer isolation and a digitally-controlled range selection further provide repeatable signal transmission with a total gain error of just 0.08%.

The compact modular housing of the Knick USA ProLine 27000 series measures just 12.5 mm wide. Pluggable screw terminals allow for simple and fast assembly and the prewiring of enclosures, with protection against touch and unintended adjustment. Housings with fixed screw terminals are also available for high mechanical loads.

Design of the P27000 series also incorporates Knick USA's VariPower, a broad-range power supply from 20 to 253 V AC/DC, with extremely low power consumption and minimal self-heating. In addition to its versatility, VariPower allows the P27000 to be used all over the world with almost any type of power supply, along with continued analog signal transmission for each input type.

The calibrated switching of input and output ranges using DIP switches eliminates complex recalibration requirements. As the switchover occurs without expensive and unreliable equipment, devices are also easily field-configurable. In addition, as both control element settings and calibrated range selections are monitored by an onboard microcontroller, signal transmission interference caused by range switch contact resistances is effectively eliminated. A 10 kHz cut-off frequency is also available for Class I, Div. 2 / Zone 2 hazardous location requirements.

For customer convenience, Knick USA offers a free software tool, VariSoft, available for direct download from the company's website. VariSoft helps to make DIP switch input and output range settings more user-friendly, by showing the correct switch position when I/O requirements are entered. The P27000 is also accompanied by a five-year comprehensive product line warranty. 

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