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Uninterruptible Power Systems with Transformer-less, Hybrid Design

HP added two new slim-lined uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to its power family. The HP UPS R5000 is 3U and delivers 4500 watts (W), and the HP UPS R7000 is only 4U and delivers a full 7200W.

Combining unity rating with more true wattage in smaller form factors, the HP rack-mountable UPSs are highly dense. The unique HP on-line, on-demand hybrid technology optimizes efficiency and heat output during general operation and provides a transformer-less design for an optimum size/functionality ratio. A distinctive processing system on these rack-mount UPS models incorporates a three (3) stage power filter with a double-conversion, line-interactive system to provide all of the benefits of an on-line UPS without the side effects of low efficiency, extra heat, and short battery life.

All HP rack-mountable UPSs ship with HP's Network Module and HP's Power Protector Software that incorporates Enhanced Battery Management, an exclusive patented technology that doubles battery service life to lower investment costs. Hot-swappable batteries and an intelligent automatic bypass (for continuous power) improve overall serviceability.

The included HP UPS Network Module provides enterprise-wide intelligent manageability functionality, such as scheduled shutdowns, additional operating systems support including VMware and Hyper-V, and redundant UPS support for no single point of failure. Greater system uptime is supported via optional Extended Runtime Modules (ERM). The UPS comes with a three-year warranty and a $250,000 load protection guarantee.

HP UPS R5000 and HP UPS R7000 are available now with U.S. Internet prices starting at $3,099. Prices in Canada start at CAN$4,499. Pricing may vary by country or region.

Hewlett Packard
Part Number: R5000

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